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AMMI Balustrades specializes in balustrade design and construction for your stairs, decking, balcony, terrace, landing etc. Our balustrading systems are made in a range of designs using stainless steel, aluminium, glass and wire / cable. While our balustrade designs provide the best fall protection, they also offer added beauty to your home or office. In fact, our stair balustrade would qualify as the main decorative feature of your stairs. Our balustrades will not only enhance the beauty of your home, but it will also increase its value far beyond the balustrade construction and installation costs.

Balcony Framed Glass Balustrade


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Powder coated aluminium balustrade


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Stainless Steel Glass Balustrade


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Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade


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All balustrading designed and installed by AMMI Balustrades comes with a 7 Year Manufacturer's Warranty and complies with the current Australian Standards and Building Codes of Australia. Our balustrade systems can be installed to new buildings as well as existing structures. We can remove your existing balustrading and replace it with brand new renovated, modern balustrades. Our balustrades are suitable for mounting onto any type of floor; tiles, timber, concrete, etc. Our balustrades are compliant with the current Australian Standards & Building Codes of Australia and are sure to pass your council's inspection. In fact, our balustrade systems are manufactured to exceed Australian Standards. The building codes require your balustrade to be at least 1000mm high from the surface, however, our designs are made to height of 1020mm. This is to ensure you pass your council inspections even if you install tiles, carpets, etc. at a later date. Of course the height and every other aspect of our balustrades are totally customizable. AMMI Balustrades can manufacture, supply and install your balustrades according to your specifications and design. AMMI Balustrades offers a complete service for balustrades at the lowest prices. We take care of everything: balustrade design, site measurement, manufacture, assembly, supply and installation. Call us today for your stair or balcony balustrades!