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Powder Coated Aluminium Balustrades - cheapest balustrade type!

Our aluminium vertical tube balustrade system is also known as the aluminium tubular balustrade. We manufacture, supply and install these aluminium powder coated balustrades according to your specifications. These aluminium balustrades can also be used as aluminium fencing panels. Request a FREE online quote now! AMMI Balustrades can come to your site and offer FREE advice, measure and quote for your project. We can bring a sample aluminium vertical balustrade section with us for demonstration! We have patented our own aluminium balustrades in a unique weld-free interlocking design. Our aluminium railings with vertical aluminium balusters are definitely worth a look. Call us today!

Powder Coated Balustrades Gapless

Tube Balustrade Design - Gapless [ATBG]

Gapless Tube Design Photo

Powder Coated Balustrades Gapped

Tube Balustrade Design - Gapped [ATBN]

Gapped Tube Design Photo


These are the most common top rails that go with the powder coated aluminium tubular balustrades. Other top rail designs are available at request. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.Aluminium Handrail Designs

Tubular Aluminium Balustrade Design Specifications:

Height: 1020mm is standard, but can be manufactured to any height.

Width: According to your site requirement.

Balusters: 19 x 19mm square hollow aluminium tubes.

Handrail Styles: AMMI HalfRound, AMMI FullRound or AMMI Rectangular.

Frame: Superior quality aluminium; high tensile structural alloy 6060 T5, 6061 T6 and 6351 T6.

Finish: Any standard DULUX powder coat colour of your choice available here: Standard Powder Coat Colors.pdf.

We also cater for natural anodised finishes. A 10 year powder coat guarantee is available.

Post Fixing: Floor mounted base plates or core-drilled -depending on your site requirement. Core holes will have a diameter of 60mm and a depth of 80-100mm which will be filled with either Ramset non-shrink grout or Epoxy and concealed with cover plates.

Available Warranties & Certificates: 7 Years Manufacturer's Warranty, 10 Years Powder Coat Warranty, Certificate of Compliance to Australian Standards, Engineer's Certification of Design.

These photos are of our own work throughout Sydney and Melbourne. We can also provide addresses for physical site visits to some of the places where we installed our powder coated aluminium tube balustrades. Click photos to enlarge.

  • Aluminium_Balustrade_01Aluminium_Balustrade_01
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_02Aluminium_Balustrade_02
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_03Aluminium_Balustrade_03
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_04Aluminium_Balustrade_04
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_05Aluminium_Balustrade_05
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_06Aluminium_Balustrade_06
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_07Aluminium_Balustrade_07
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_08Aluminium_Balustrade_08
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_09Aluminium_Balustrade_09
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_10Aluminium_Balustrade_10
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_11Aluminium_Balustrade_11
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_12Aluminium_Balustrade_12
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_13Aluminium_Balustrade_13
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_14Aluminium_Balustrade_14
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_15Aluminium_Balustrade_15
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_16Aluminium_Balustrade_16
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_17Aluminium_Balustrade_17
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_18Aluminium_Balustrade_18
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_19Aluminium_Balustrade_19
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_20Aluminium_Balustrade_20
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_21Aluminium_Balustrade_21
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_22Aluminium_Balustrade_22
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_23Aluminium_Balustrade_23
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_24Aluminium_Balustrade_24
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_25Aluminium_Balustrade_25
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_26Aluminium_Balustrade_26
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_27Aluminium_Balustrade_27
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_28Aluminium_Balustrade_28
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_29Aluminium_Balustrade_29
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_30Aluminium_Balustrade_30
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_31Aluminium_Balustrade_31
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_32Aluminium_Balustrade_32
  • Aluminium_Balustrade_33Aluminium_Balustrade_33