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Stainless Steel Wire Balustrades - Cable Balustrades

AMMI Balustrades can manufacture, supply and install your stainless steel wire balustrades according to your specifications and design. These balustrades are also known as cable balustrades. Alternatively, we can offer you a design suitable for your needs, free of cost. Get your FREE Online Quote now! AMMI Balustrades can come to your site and offer FREE measure, quote and advice for your project. We can bring a sample balustrade section with us for demonstration!

Horizontal Wire Balustrades

Horizontal Wire Balustrade [SWBH]

Stainless Steel Wire Balustrades Photo

Vertical Wire Balustrade -Gapped [SVWBG]

Vertical Wire Balustrades -Gapped

Vertical Wire Balustrade -Gapless [SVWBN]

Vertical Wire Balustrades -Gapless

Horizontal Wire Tensioning Systems

According the the place the tensioning is required, we will tension the wires using one of the systems below. Other systems are also available upon request.

Wire Tensioning System HWA

Wire Tensioning System HWB

Wire Tensioning System HWC

Vertical Wire Tensioning System

Wire Tensioning System VWAAlthough we commonly tension our stainless steel wire as per the diagram on the right; we can also offer other tensioning systems as required.

NOTE: Vertical wires are the only option if the balcony has a fall height greater than four meters.

Stainless Steel Wire Balustrades Specifications:

Height: 1020mm is standard, but can be manufactured to any height.

Width: According to your site requirement.

Infill: 3.2mm marine grade stainless steel wire fitted horizontally or vertically.

Handrail Styles: Round, Square or Rectangular shape in any tube size.

Frame: Superior quality AISI 304 or AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Finish: Satin finish / Class 4 architectural finish / buff polish.

Post Size: Choice of Small 38.1mm or Large 50.8mm in square or round tube.

Post Fixing: Floor mounted base plates and concealed with cover plates or core-drilled -depending on your site requirement. Core holes will have a diameter of 60mm and a depth of 80-100mm which will be filled with either Ramset non-shrink grout or Epoxy and concealed with cover plates.

Available Warranties & Certificates: 7 Years Manufacturer's Warranty, Glazing Warranty, Certificate of Compliance to Australian Standards.

Fittings and components commonly used in our stainless steel wire balustrades are as below. All fittings are fully buff polished in grade 304 stainless steel or marine grade (316) as appropriate to the site of installation.

Square Stainless Steel Tube Round Stainless Steel Tube Posts and top rail tubes are generally in square or round shapes in two different sizes. Other size stainless steel tubes are also available to builders and contractors.
Square Post Reducer Round Post Reducer Post reducers are used between the post and handrail as a cap for the post and a support for the handrail. This fitting is welded and polished back to an architectural finish.
Square Base Plate Round Base Plate Base plates are welded onto the post and are used to fix the balustrade to timber floors. Heavy duty base plates are also used wherever required.
Square Cover Plate Round Cover Plate Cover plates are used to cover base plates and core-drilled hole fixings.

  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_01Cable_Wire_Balustrade_01
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_02Cable_Wire_Balustrade_02
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_03Cable_Wire_Balustrade_03
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_04Cable_Wire_Balustrade_04
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_05Cable_Wire_Balustrade_05
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_06Cable_Wire_Balustrade_06
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_07Cable_Wire_Balustrade_07
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_08Cable_Wire_Balustrade_08
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_09Cable_Wire_Balustrade_09
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_10Cable_Wire_Balustrade_10
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_11Cable_Wire_Balustrade_11
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_12Cable_Wire_Balustrade_12
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_13Cable_Wire_Balustrade_13
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_14Cable_Wire_Balustrade_14
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_15Cable_Wire_Balustrade_15
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_16Cable_Wire_Balustrade_16
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_17Cable_Wire_Balustrade_17
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_18Cable_Wire_Balustrade_18
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_19Cable_Wire_Balustrade_19
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_20Cable_Wire_Balustrade_20
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_21Cable_Wire_Balustrade_21
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_22Cable_Wire_Balustrade_22
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_23Cable_Wire_Balustrade_23
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_24Cable_Wire_Balustrade_24
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_25Cable_Wire_Balustrade_25
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_26Cable_Wire_Balustrade_26
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_27Cable_Wire_Balustrade_27
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_28Cable_Wire_Balustrade_28
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_29Cable_Wire_Balustrade_29
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_30Cable_Wire_Balustrade_30
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_31Cable_Wire_Balustrade_31
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_32Cable_Wire_Balustrade_32
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_33Cable_Wire_Balustrade_33
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_34Cable_Wire_Balustrade_34
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_35Cable_Wire_Balustrade_35
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_36Cable_Wire_Balustrade_36
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_37Cable_Wire_Balustrade_37
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_38Cable_Wire_Balustrade_38
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_39Cable_Wire_Balustrade_39
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_40Cable_Wire_Balustrade_40
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_41Cable_Wire_Balustrade_41
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_42Cable_Wire_Balustrade_42
  • Cable_Wire_Balustrade_43Cable_Wire_Balustrade_43