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Aluminium Louvre Screens

Our powder coated aluminium louvre screens are a long-lasting, low-maintenance alternative to timber or lattice privacy screens as powder coated aluminium will not rot, warp or rust like timber does. In fact, our powder coated aluminium louvre screens have recently gained much popularity due to its attractive appearance, durability and cheap pricing. Our aluminium powder coated louvres have significant advantages compared to timber louvre privacy screens. Aluminium louvre privacy screens:

  • never require painting.
  • will not split, rot or twist.
  • are not subject to insect or bird attack.
  • can be used in bushfire designated locations.
  • can be used in marine environments.

These privacy screens can be fixed almost anywhere; balconies, decks, windows, roof (as awnings), etc.  Moreover, these aluminium louvre panels can be used as privacy screens, fences, fixed shutters, infill panels for fences or even awnings. Our elleptical louvre screen systems have fixed louvres (not operatable) and can be made horizontally or vertically to suit any application. We offer a very innovative and versatile louvre system with various design alternatives that suit a wide range of uses including fences, privacy screens, infill panels for fences, awnings, etc. We utilize fasteners for all connections and joints in our louvre panels to provide an ultra-neat finish and eliminate welded joints. All in all, this aluminium louvre design is a certain winner.

Aluminium Louvre Screen

Aluminium Louvre Privacy Screen [ALPS]

Louvre Screen Photo

Features of our aluminium louvre privacy screens:

  • Long lasting - Maintains its new look way longer than timber ever could!
  • Low maintaince
  • Low prices - supplied and installed
  • Provides privacy between adjoining residential apartments / buildings
  • Enhances the appearance of residential apartments / buidings
  • Offers a directional view
  • Protects from the afternoon sun when installed on the western facade
  • Reduces exposure to rain
  • Limited restriction of view
  • 110+ colours to match existing architecture
  • Offers some wind protection

Aluminium Louvre Privacy Screens Specifications:

Height: 1700mm is required by Australian Standards, but can be manufactured to any height.

Width: According to your site requirement.

Louvres: 85mm wide aluminium elliptical blades, fixed to position. 1.2mm thick, 14mm at widest point.

Top rail Styles: AMMI HalfRound, AMMI FullRound or AMMI Rectangular.

Frame: Superior quality aluminium; high tensile structural alloy 6060 T5, 6061 T6 and 6351 T6.

Finish: Any standard DULUX powder coat colour of your choice available here: Standard Powder Coat Colors.pdf. We also cater for natural anodized finishes. A 10 year powder coat guarantee is available.

Post Fixing: Floor mounted base plates or core-drilled -depending on your site requirement. Core holes will have a diameter of 60mm and a depth of 80-100mm which will be filled with either Ramset non-shrink grout or Epoxy and concealed with cover plates. Available Warranties & Certificates: 7 Years Manufacturer's Warranty, 10 Years Powder Coat Warranty, Glazing Warranty, Certificate of Compliance to Australian Standards, Engineer's Certification of Design.

  • Louvre_Privacy_Screen_01Louvre_Privacy_Screen_01
  • Louvre_Privacy_Screen_02Louvre_Privacy_Screen_02
  • Louvre_Privacy_Screen_03Louvre_Privacy_Screen_03
  • Louvre_Privacy_Screen_04Louvre_Privacy_Screen_04
  • Louvre_Privacy_Screen_05Louvre_Privacy_Screen_05
  • Louvre_Privacy_Screen_06Louvre_Privacy_Screen_06
  • Louvre_Privacy_Screen_07Louvre_Privacy_Screen_07
  • Louvre_Privacy_Screen_08Louvre_Privacy_Screen_08

Our aluminium fixed louvres are a more effective privacy solution for your windows than reflective or tinted glazing. Reflective glazing costs more than louvres in the form of high electricity bills as it requires higher cooling loads and lets in less natural daylight, thus making artificial lighting necessary, especially in dull weather. Furthermore, opaque glass windows do not allow for fresh air within the room. Use clear un-tinted glass for your windows to allow full natural sunlight in and install our exterior louvres to provide privacy. Why spoil your view with tinted or obscure windows when you can install our aluminium louvres? Get your FREE Online Quote today! Lowest prices are available for aluminium louver screens!

These aluminium louvre screens can provide your home or apartment with more controlled heat and wind conditions. Extremely sunny areas can be protected from the powerful rays of the sun by installing our louvre screens. Our aluminium louvre privacy screens are designed to provide privacy, security, controlled weather conditions such as heat or wind, and provide better airflow.

Powder coated aluminium louvres are an attractive privacy screening solution. Installing external louvres means excellent ventilation and light will enter your home or apartment while protecting privacy. Louvre privacy screens can also be made with timber, however, our aluminium powder coated louvres are maintenance free and stands up well to all weather conditions.